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Diplomacy At Its Zenith

How does it feel like to attend your first MUN conference?

Model United Nations need a lot of pre-preparations if you want to succeed at it. Before your first MUN, anxiety and excitement are at an all time high. The pressure of performance is there. But there is so much for you to look forward to. Meet new people and have interesting conversations. Your first delegate experience will hold everything in proportion. With dopamine and adrenaline rushing in your veins, it will be memorable for you. You will carry back home a bundle of knowledge and acquaintance of people from across the country, or even the world.

The proceedings of the committee begin with a discussion of the Rules of Procedure by the Executive Board. The chair and the vice-chair formally begin the session and open the discussion as per the principles. This is your time to speak and deliberate. Amidst the many sessions that will be conducted, the first one is important as you get a chance to create a great first impression. What remains necessary is to not feel intimidated by your fellow delegates. You might be awestruck by other’s diplomacy and tactics, but don’t forget to lose your ground. There are all sorts of inexperienced and experienced people at MUN, but you should be determined to work your way up.

The lunch and dinner time would serve as more rounds of socializing. You can bring up discussions about the sessions or simply have some light chat with your mates. Every session brings a fresh chance to outshine your previous performance. Self-improvement is the key. There can be times you might feel tongue-tied or but slowly you will learn to regain composure and give intelligent replies. Doing MUN is an art, and at first no artist has any idea about the masterpiece he is beginning to create.

The closing ceremony will keep you stressed. If you have given satisfactory performance, your fingers will remain crossed for an award or a special mention. The cheers and applause will fuel your desire. If not this time, the closing ceremony would inspire you to work better in the next MUN. The socials at the end have always done a great job to release all the worry of the conference. Have a gala time here!

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